Dr. Olivia Mitchell

May 15, 2023

A Secret Remedy to Conquer Nail Fungus and Embrace Healthy Nails

Trusted by over 2,000 "Nail Fungus Conquerors"

This short guide is here to equip you with top 3 myths about nail fungus and a secret remedy to conquer nail fungus and reclaim the beauty of your nails in just 14 days.

P.S.: This remedy is trusted by renown dermatologists and over 2,000 happy "Nail Fungus Conquerors" worldwide.

Table of Content

  • Most Common Cause of Nail Fungus
  • Top 3 Common Myths 
  • Secret Remedy for Fungus-free and Beautiful Nails

Top 3 Myths About Nail Fungus 

Myth#1: My nails look good, so I don't have nail fungus

One of the hotbeds of toenail fungus today is your local nail salon or spa.

If you often go there, chances are you already have hidden nail fungus. 

Sometimes it can take months or even years for the sneaky fungus to be active and ruin your nails permanently.

Myth#2: Topical Creams, Drops, or VapoRub Help with Nail Fungus

These topical solutions don’t work very well because they only treat the outer part of the nail and skin around it.

Myth#3: It Will Go Away On It's Own

It would be nice if ugly toenail fungus would just disappear. However, toenail fungus can be persistent and has the potential to spread to other toes and parts of the body.

Secret Remedy: The Ingredients

Here is the composition of four powerful ingredients that form this secret remedy, backed by medical expertise:

Ingredient#1: Impatiens Balsamina Flower Extract (Rare)

Throughout history, Eastern cultures have used this rare flower extract for its antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties.

Ingredient#2: Salicylic Acid

Salicylic Acid removes infected nail tissues so that other antifungal ingredients penetrate the nails for targeted treatment.

Ingredient#3: Sophora Flavescens Extract (Rare)

Originating from East Asia, this extract has been utilized for centuries due to its remarkable antifungal properties.

Ingredient#4: Dictamnus Dasycarpus Root Bark Extract (Rare)

Dictamnus Dasycarpus Root Bark Extract, known for its powerful antifungal properties, has been used historically to treat different fungal infections--including persistent nail fungus. 

Combining All Ingredients: The Secret Revealed

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This product is trusted by renown dermatologists and over 2,000 happy customers worldwide.

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